Inspiring quotes

As I pause after a rally of blog posts in the first part of the month, I would like to share some quotes that resonate- "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." - Maria Robinson "One day your life will flash before your... Continue Reading →

Motivating oneself

Keeping fit and healthy requires an open mind and some refreshing changes now and then. Sometimes we need to try something new to appreciate our regular routine. Sometimes we need to set a routine if life is generally irregular. Sometimes we need to listen to a friend to realise that we are not trying hard... Continue Reading →

Healthful boost

Mornings can start with a simple yet amazing mix of vitamins, fibre, antioxidants and nutrition. We started our morning today with a blend of Beetroot, Apple, Carrots, Mint and Lemon. For someone who usually sticks to the comfort zone of Orange Juice, my friend’s more adventurous selection was a brave new beginning for me.... What... Continue Reading →

Is change possible?

Change is possible, even when it seems impossible. We have seen change occur slowly around us as people reduce their use of plastic bags, learn to recycle, keep their surroundings clean, plant more trees, smoke less.... etc. Yes, change is possible and needs mind control, mindset change, community support, and incentives. In case of our... Continue Reading →

Messengers of change

When a family member goes through a health awakening, their journey of adaptation affects their near ones the most. The daily lifestyle changes and therapeutic interventions involve the close family and friends the most. Filling prescriptions might involve your teenage daughter stopping at the pharmacy on her way home from college. A doctors' visit might... Continue Reading →

Recovering from a setback

Setbacks put a brake into our routine. In Physiology, we learn about balance.... that our body systems are constantly working hard to maintain a set point - an equilibrium. There are so many checks and balances in place to cushion us from major deviations. However, sudden changes and challenges, whether in the form of a health... Continue Reading →

Aerobics or Yoga?

Around this time of year we start getting hit with suggestions on how to exercise and eat our food. These really are very basic, primal functions of our body which should not require so much analysis and discussion. However, we often devote more time, money, and effort to trying out various types of diets, classes... Continue Reading →

Waiting for someone else

I love getting updates from Bill Gates' blog not only for their inspirational value, but also the way in which the thought process behind each decision is conveyed. The very idea that someone can continuously educate themselves in various fields of  Medicine by sheer willpower and a self driven commitment to humanity is fascinating. In... Continue Reading →

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