Peppers and peacocks

Our life's routine and desire to keep balance in our schedule gets completely thrown off sometimes. Those are the times we remember... the inertia is gone, there is something new, something weird, something awesome that happens and stays with us forever. A spur of the moment picnic lead us to a magical place called Kavi... Continue Reading →

Motivating oneself

Keeping fit and healthy requires an open mind and some refreshing changes now and then. Sometimes we need to try something new to appreciate our regular routine. Sometimes we need to set a routine if life is generally irregular. Sometimes we need to listen to a friend to realise that we are not trying hard... Continue Reading →

Aerobics or Yoga?

Around this time of year we start getting hit with suggestions on how to exercise and eat our food. These really are very basic, primal functions of our body which should not require so much analysis and discussion. However, we often devote more time, money, and effort to trying out various types of diets, classes... Continue Reading →

Waiting for someone else

I love getting updates from Bill Gates' blog not only for their inspirational value, but also the way in which the thought process behind each decision is conveyed. The very idea that someone can continuously educate themselves in various fields of  Medicine by sheer willpower and a self driven commitment to humanity is fascinating. In... Continue Reading →

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