Two Birthdays – 14 November

Today is the birthday of Frederick Banting, who, in 1922, discovered insulin along with Charles Best. Prior to this, there was no treatment for Diabetes, so people did not survive for long as they were unable to utilise the energy from food they ate. Research is always a bit of serendipity, luck, observation, and lots... Continue Reading →

Messengers of change

When a family member goes through a health awakening, their journey of adaptation affects their near ones the most. The daily lifestyle changes and therapeutic interventions involve the close family and friends the most. Filling prescriptions might involve your teenage daughter stopping at the pharmacy on her way home from college. A doctors' visit might... Continue Reading →

Being 8… active, aware, alert and alive

Cause that touches….unexpectedly! Sometimes not all the times, One gets touched by unknowable feeling of loss of control. The mind when trained to detach from personal loss, observes those feelings and moves to what can be controlled in given situation. When I am merely 8 years old and asked to join a gun control protest, […]... Continue Reading →

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