The Indian Gooseberry

Botanical name: Emblica officinalis The fruit is very high in Vitamin C (higher than lime) at 478 mg/ml. The fruit is known as Amala in India The fruit is used in complementary medicine to be protective against or helpful in recovery from many conditions including diabetes, pancreatitis, cancer, inflammation of various types, and gastritis. It... Continue Reading →

Vitamins and disease-part 1

Can vitamin supplements increase chances of lung cancer? “The enduring theme in health is that more doesn’t mean better. What’s healthy for one person may be unhealthy for another. The fact of a product being sold without a prescription does not mean it is exempt, or that it’s good or even harmless. Any ingested bioactive... Continue Reading →

The fitness paradox

With the overflow of information available on fitness: from how to exercise to when and how much, it has become impossible to know what is right for you... In the era of personalized care, fitness and nutrition too deserve personalization- it is likely the one-size-fits-all is not a workable model. In fact, we each know... Continue Reading →

Researchers report four new insights into diet and health

What we eat plays a significant role in our health. The Experimental Biology 2018 meeting (EB 2018) will showcase new research into how diet could be used to fight cancer and how specific eating patterns can encourage weight loss. Source: Researchers report four new insights into diet and health

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