Peppers and peacocks

Our life's routine and desire to keep balance in our schedule gets completely thrown off sometimes. Those are the times we remember... the inertia is gone, there is something new, something weird, something awesome that happens and stays with us forever. A spur of the moment picnic lead us to a magical place called Kavi... Continue Reading →

Be thankful, be thoughtful

Creating Harmony

This time of year, families come together to celebrate and overindulge in food. There will be many articles talking about

How to curb calories during the holidays;

How to lose weight in a short time;

New Year resolutions;

However, the biggest advice one can take is that of mom’s: know yourself, know your body. During the holidays, be present, be with those around you – family, friends. Switch off the smart phone for a while and listen to the one across the table. Eat, but cherish every bite. Be conscious. Be aware. Take your time.

“Lifestyle changes” are widely held responsible for so many illnesses today. Holidays are the time to de-stress, enjoy slow cooking, cherish the smells, flavors and leisurely meals, take the evening walk with a relative or friend, do some morning yoga, talk to friends and family, laugh, sing, remember and create new memories. No crash diet…

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Inspiring quotes

As I pause after a rally of blog posts in the first part of the month, I would like to share some quotes that resonate- "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." - Maria Robinson "One day your life will flash before your... Continue Reading →

Being the guiding light

A favourite childhood story was of Birbal's "khichdi" (dal-rice). Birbal was the trusted and wise advisor of king Akbar. Akbar often had puzzling issues for Birbal to solve. Once, Akbar asked a man to stand outside in the cold all night without any aid. However, in the morning he found out there was a lamp... Continue Reading →

Motivating oneself

Keeping fit and healthy requires an open mind and some refreshing changes now and then. Sometimes we need to try something new to appreciate our regular routine. Sometimes we need to set a routine if life is generally irregular. Sometimes we need to listen to a friend to realise that we are not trying hard... Continue Reading →

Spread good thoughts

Small messages ... notes... cards... these were the silver linings before the seamless connectivity of internet. Today this simple message was a pleasant surprise.

Happiness within

Finding health and happiness.... finding oneself... using the connectedness of holidays for evolving beyond the busyness that holds us back from being our happiest selves...

Is change possible?

Change is possible, even when it seems impossible. We have seen change occur slowly around us as people reduce their use of plastic bags, learn to recycle, keep their surroundings clean, plant more trees, smoke less.... etc. Yes, change is possible and needs mind control, mindset change, community support, and incentives. In case of our... Continue Reading →

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