Two Birthdays – 14 November

Today is the birthday of Frederick Banting, who, in 1922, discovered insulin along with Charles Best. Prior to this, there was no treatment for Diabetes, so people did not survive for long as they were unable to utilise the energy from food they ate. Research is always a bit of serendipity, luck, observation, and lots of tedious hard work. Oh, and teamwork. Although Nobel prizes were awarded to one or two, as was the case here too, discoveries are rarely possible without many players. To remember Banting and the important discovery made, 14th November is designated World Diabetes Day.

Today is also the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru: the first Prime minister of Independent India who held a special place in the hearts of children. The children of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s may be able to recount what made him so special in their lives. In his honour, 14 November is celebrated as Children’s day in India.

May our children have a healthier future than us… may they be the voices of reason… may they educate themselves to empower their families.

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