Being the guiding light

A favourite childhood story was of Birbal’s “khichdi” (dal-rice). Birbal was the trusted and wise advisor of king Akbar. Akbar often had puzzling issues for Birbal to solve. Once, Akbar asked a man to stand outside in the cold all night without any aid. However, in the morning he found out there was a lamp far in the distance. Akbar decided the lamp must have kept this man warm all night. Birbal asked Akbar to wait and give the man another chance. Meanwhile, Birbal set up for cooking khichdi, but with the pot high up on a pole, and a flame lit on the ground. Naturally the khichdi never got cooked. Thus, Akbar conceded to Birbal’s wisdom.

While the distant lamp couldn’t produce the desired effects, in Akbar’s mind, even a distant lamp was meaningful. In our lives, we have the opportunity to be distant guiding lights for family who are not nearby. We can still keep ourselves informed, connected and involved. With the wonders of internet and mobile connectivity, the far away lamp is brought much nearer to give real-time warmth and nurturing.

Be the guiding light for your loved ones…

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