Motivating oneself

Keeping fit and healthy requires an open mind and some refreshing changes now and then. Sometimes we need to try something new to appreciate our regular routine. Sometimes we need to set a routine if life is generally irregular. Sometimes we need to listen to a friend to realise that we are not trying hard enough. Sometimes we can only feel motivated when we are motivating another person…. so …good leads to more good!

Whatever it is that seems out of character for you… but that is worth trying even once- that popular fruit juice shop; an hour with a book in a quiet park; walking home from work instead of taking your vehicle; trying out your kid’s roller skates or bicycle; going with a friend to play basketball after decades; getting soaked in the garden sprinkler; taking a trial kickboxing class; going for a hike in the forest nearby; learning to scuba dive…. the list can go on….

Try it … find that impulsive window of time and just go for it. It will reset your mood; it will regain your spirit; and it will refresh your mind.

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