Resolutions and reality

Yesterday I showed a picture of a perfect detox-style concoction. Reality is that surrounding this blissfully healthy vegetable- fruit drink I was trying out for the first time, was a perfectly normal breakfast rich in carbohydrates (croissant, granola, orange juice) and all things hearty (cheese platter, cappuccino) followed by a guilt ridden starchy/buttery bread (nan) and lentil (dal) dinner. That was what was not in the picture. With our lives in two modes: online and offline- both going on in parallel, we have the option to portray and genuinely believe what we wish about ourselves and others!

I must say I truly admire those who have made sweeping lifestyle changes and embrace the right choices in their daily lives. We all know examples of such people who are inspiration to us all. But small changes are possible in each of our lives too. No harm in trying!

I see an occasional detox juice in my life as a healthy boost, but not a meal substitute. Reality is we need to balance everything- eat in moderation. Don’t have too much of one thing. Add variety. Add flavour. Make even the healthy meal a delightful experience.

Detox juice/water is like bathing in holy water… it washes away the sins of the day. However, we know that the ideal way is to try to do the right thing in the first place! Rather than the deep fried potato wedges followed by cucumber juice… one probably should have simply eaten sautéed vegetables.

Choices… at every juncture…. !!

Here’s to striving to merge the two parallel lives- online and offline- into one whole that is real, and true…

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