Is change possible?

Change is possible, even when it seems impossible. We have seen change occur slowly around us as people reduce their use of plastic bags, learn to recycle, keep their surroundings clean, plant more trees, smoke less…. etc.

Yes, change is possible and needs mind control, mindset change, community support, and incentives. In case of our health, the incentives are in seeing the effects of our lifestyle changes in prevention, reversal or slowing of a disease.

For example, a 40-year old lady  who thought she could not exercise without pain, who had no stamina beyond 10-15 minutes, and felt exhausted after any physical activity, lost 10% of her weight through cutting out desserts, started walking 30 minutes a day, started meditation for just 15 minutes a day… and saw her energy, confidence and physical capacity increase.

A 55 year old gentleman found out he had prediabetes and was advised to do 150 min per week moderate exercise and 75 min per week intense exercise. He also started eating 1500 kcal per day to balance intake and output of calories. His diet included various fibre rich fruits and vegetables… but no desserts except on special occasions! He is no longer prediabetic two years later!

It is possible to change! It is possible to take control!

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