Messengers of change

When a family member goes through a health awakening, their journey of adaptation affects their near ones the most. The daily lifestyle changes and therapeutic interventions involve the close family and friends the most. Filling prescriptions might involve your teenage daughter stopping at the pharmacy on her way home from college. A doctors’ visit might bring in the help of a neighbour or dear friend if a family member is tied up with other responsibilities like child care or work. Diet modifications might lead to your children also getting involved in healthy meal preparation and planning. Taking everyone with you on the journey makes it better for everyone, as the dietary changes needed for improving chronic health conditions are beneficial to all- they make everyone around you also think twice about what they are eating. Taking everyone with you makes sure the journey is not lonely. Rather than exercise alone, make a positive change in your loved ones life and walk with them. Motivate your friend to join a yoga class with you. Plan a social outing with friends at a garden/park or swimming pool rather than a restaurant. So much positive change is possible through the ripple effect of one positive individual: You Be The Change!

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