Multiethnic dieting

As someone who is vegetarian by virtue of philosophy rather than any diet principle, I can identify with the feeling of alienation when the word Vegetarian conjures up a salad plate. Food should resonate with ones childhood. Food that works for one person, may not be easily digestible or flavorful to another person. So the ideal goal should be to eat healthy food without making it a chore. Being a vegetarian, meals could be filled with spicy lentils, lip smacking vegetable curries, fresh breads, yummy pizzas, flavorful noodles, aromatic soups. Being vegetarian and hungry at a conference in the West would entail eating some salad (non filling), skipping the beef broth containing soup, skipping the bacon loaded potatoes, layering gobs of butter on some bread, and filling up with loads of dessert! Years of professional meatless meals like this and similar food on flights take their toll. You end up with cholesterol, triglycerides, inches, pounds and no idea how you got there.

Along these lines, there is an interesting article on challenges of diet advice and ethnicity in the West.

Be thoughtful. Be introspective. Be knowledgeable. Don’t follow fad… follow yourself!

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