Work or play?

One deterrent for many of us with regards to regular exercise is the seriousness of it all. If it feels like work, it looks like work, it is work.

The second is the tendency to associate exercise with weight loss. This brings with it more frustration than happiness and adds to the feeling of doing “work.”

Physical activity keeps our organs alive. Our heart pumps better : exercise results in stronger and more resilient heart muscles. Healthy heart means better circulation. Most of our body operates on the nutrients gained from blood. And most of the body tissues need to dump waste somewhere… blood carries the wastes away. So better circulation means ready availability of oxygen, vitamins, nutrients, immune components, medicines, hormones and rapid clearance of toxins.

Carbon dioxide is a waste product made by organs like muscles and brain when they are active and when they use oxygen for respiration. So to get energy for activities, our organs use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.

Physical activity and breathing exercises increase our lung capacity and keep lungs strong and healthy. Lungs do better when not polluted with smoke and other chemicals, and they do really well if we consciously include breathing in our exercise routines.  Lungs clean our blood by removing carbon dioxide and enriching it with oxygen. Only this “lung-purified” blood is allowed to go back into circulation to the organs. Blood also gets filtered constantly by kidneys to remove wastes.

This makes blood circulation an important player in keeping our organs healthy and active. This puts the heart, kidneys and lungs in a commanding position for maintaining the balance.

So don’t “work out”…..go play! Breathe, hike, play in the garden, walk with a friend, dance to a tune… and put that heart to work!

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