The fitness paradox

With the overflow of information available on fitness: from how to exercise to when and how much, it has become impossible to know what is right for you…

In the era of personalized care, fitness and nutrition too deserve personalization- it is likely the one-size-fits-all is not a workable model. In fact, we each know of situations where something that worked for a friend did not have the same result with us, or vice versa. Often it is assumed that this is a consequence of cutting corners, weakness of will or laziness. One must have cheated on the diet or something like that….

What we often also notice is that our bodies can not withstand the same types physical activity …. what invigorates one individual may produce pain and exhaustion in another. So a seemingly perfect weightloss program could backfire by producing injury, excess cravings or fatigue if it doesn’t suit you.

So what should one do? We will begin exploring evidence from research studies that can shed light on personal differences in response to exercise such as metabolism, inflammation, prior history of diseases, stress, climate, cultural factors, food choices.

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