Recovering from a setback

Setbacks put a brake into our routine. In Physiology, we learn about balance…. that our body systems are constantly working hard to maintain a set point – an equilibrium. There are so many checks and balances in place to cushion us from major deviations. However, sudden changes and challenges, whether in the form of a health disturbance or a personal blow – loss of a loved one, job, calamity, can throw us off balance. Our body, with all its’ resilience, either adapts to the new stress, or succumbs to it. The adaptation takes a toll in its own way, as the new norm may manifest as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, headaches, mood swings, lowered immunity, depression, anxiety, and so on. Chronic stress is a condition on its own, which although receives much press and attention in the self help arena, is not considered an isolated medical condition to be treated empirically. However, traditional medicine has recognized the need to alleviate stress in order to improve the body’s ability to cope with its environment and recover from traumatic experiences better. Major illnesses including Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Cancer and Psychiatric conditions can be treated using pharmacological intervention, however, lifestyle changes are essential for true recovery and improved quality of life going forward. Find the time to refocus, reassess priorities, and get help if needed to get on track with physical activity, nature walks, yoga, meditation, music, art… whatever fills your heart with joy, relaxes your mind, opens up your lungs to fresh air and boosts that immune system!

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