What are the effects of Yoga on aging?


Stress=aging   Stress=disease    Stress… stress… stress………

The average 30-something has a dozen things on the to-do list, with hardly any time to check them off. Combine that with the knowledge we have had for a decade now that aging can actually begin in your 40s (1)… well, who has the time to worry about it – till the body starts to ache and pain, and brain cells start to give up on remembering things, and organs and systems get exhausted from neglect and punishing lifestyles. But with modern medicine, we dodge many a hurdle and halt some disasters.. keep our body going and going and going…. Whew… Once the 40s and 50s are over, life starts to give us a chance to kick back a little again and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Healthy aging into the 60s, 70s and beyond differs drastically from country to country (2)…

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