Aerobics or Yoga?

Around this time of year we start getting hit with suggestions on how to exercise and eat our food. These really are very basic, primal functions of our body which should not require so much analysis and discussion. However, we often devote more time, money, and effort to trying out various types of diets, classes and gym memberships …

Sometimes mother was right…. And in this case great grandmother. If we think back to how they lived their lives… From what they ate, to how they moved from place to place, we can understand what we are doing wrong. Yoga, meditation and saatvik diets feel today like extreme measures which we need to find time for. In a previous blog, I suggested that Yoga is beneficial when it comes to better health and longevity due to it’s role in stress relief.

Stress, inflammation, food, yoga…all topics to discuss in upcoming days. Stay tuned!


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