Waiting for someone else

I love getting updates from Bill Gates’ blog not only for their inspirational value, but also the way in which the thought process behind each decision is conveyed. The very idea that someone can continuously educate themselves in various fields of  Medicine by sheer willpower and a self driven commitment to humanity is fascinating.

In many situations we watch others achieve things and we remain observers. Being observer, participant or non obstructionist in someone else’s vision is one thing. But often it is something that we need to do ourselves…our dream…our need….yet we still don’t.

Inertia is a comfortable place to be. Lifestyle change can look daunting. In fact, change in any form can…

What is that one thing you see someone else doing that inspires you? If you have already broken out of the inertia, share your story. Whether for improving your health, knowledge, social work, introspection, communication….  How did you get over the “inertia block?”

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