Be thankful, be thoughtful

This time of year, families come together to celebrate and overindulge in food. There will be many articles talking about

How to curb calories during the holidays;

How to lose weight in a short time;

New Year resolutions;

However, the biggest advice one can take is that of mom’s: know yourself, know your body. During the holidays, be present, be with those around you – family, friends. Switch off the smart phone for a while and listen to the one across the table. Eat, but cherish every bite. Be conscious. Be aware. Take your time.

“Lifestyle changes” are widely held responsible for so many illnesses today. Holidays are the time to de-stress, enjoy slow cooking, cherish the smells, flavors and leisurely meals, take the evening walk with a relative or friend, do some morning yoga, talk to friends and family, laugh, sing, remember and create new memories. No crash diet or workout will feed your soul (low stress), relax your immune system (decreased inflammation), allow the digestive system to work slowly and correctly (no insulin spikes), provide good nourishment (wholesome complete home cooked meals), and sharpen the mind (anti-aging).

So enjoy a healthful and happy holiday time!

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